BJP and opposition points over Ragini Dwivedi drug case


BJP and opposition points over Ragini Dwivedi drug case  A drug case which is a heated topic of political discussion is presently everywhere over the media as it involves actress Ragini Dwivedi of Karnataka. The issue has now turned into a spat between BJP leaders and the opposition parties in Karnataka on Monday.

In a declaration, Yediyurappa said that he would no longer protect anyone related to drug cases. He said that the investigating team would clear the truth itself. “This substance abuse risk will weaken our adolescents; hence, we are not the ones who will protect anyone on this case.”

His reaction was in response to the opposition party leader and Congress minister Siddaramiah and Janata Dal (S) party member H.D Kumarswamy. They together have been accusing BJP of handling the drug case of the actress with a lax approach.

Concurring with the Chief Minister, Home Minister Basavaraj Bommai guaranteed that the police will be completely straightforward with the neighboring states concerning the subtleties involved in the movement of the case.

“Many of the accused that have been taken arrested so far have procured the drugs from the neighboring states. Consequently it has gotten mandatory to start conversing with the neighboring states for a better investigation”, he said.

Siddaramiah, in an interview, said that there is video evidence of it, and BJP leaders can wash their hands away from the truth. He further added that if there is any shred of evidence that she was involved in the drug trade, she must be punished. Siddaramiah said that he appeals to the police to do their work and probe this investigation with complete honesty.

The Chief Minister conceded that drug had been a problem before the commencement of his tenure. Be it him or his predecessors, containing substance abuse is a task at hand that no one could accomplish.




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