Precious stones rained from the sky, people became millionaires in this Brazilian village


Precious stones rained from the sky, people became millionaires in this Brazilian village Often, stones from the sky or from space like this, meteorites keep falling on the earth. But there is nothing special about it that should be taken care of. Although some scientists are taken for research, some people consider them as Alien gifts in their homes and get punished.  On 19th August, meteorite fragments rained down in the Santa Filomena, a village of Brazil. People here are calling it a rain of money because people collected and kept these stones. This is not a new matter as there have been similar occurrences before as well. But this time it was different and most surprising for all. But when it comes to the matter of belief the thing turns strange.

It is believed that these meteor bodies are about 4.6 billion years old. These are very rare meteor bodies. They cost thousands of pounds. Gabriel Silva of the Chemistry Institute at Sao Paolo University said that this meteorite is probably one of the first minerals from which this solar system is made. The right solutions in every lever are there now.

The local people got information that something fell from the sky in their area which is very valuable, so they said that it is a kind of cash dropped from the sky. Edimar Costa Rodrigues also found a stone of seven centimeters. The reason was 164 grams. He earned around 97 thousand rupees by selling it.  Information about this is available everywhere now. As more and more speculations are coming forth.

People in the church were saying that God has opened this sack of money for us. A villager earned Rs 14.63 lakh by selling 2.8 kg stone. Rodrigues said that 90 percent of the population of this village is farming. There are not many shops here. To give relief to the people, it has rained skyward.



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