Sudan Floods: A rise in Nile water level threatens ancient pyramids


Sudan Floods: A rise in Nile water level threatens ancient pyramids The official authorities in Sudan are trying to protect the country’s ancient pyramids from flooding as heavy rains have caused the River Nile to overflow. They have built the sandbag walls and are pumping out water; archaeologist Mark Maillot told a news agency.

The site that is being flooded by the Nile houses ruins that date back to 1500 BC. The floods across the country have killed nearly 100 people and made thousands of Sudanese civilians homeless.

The Nile usually floods its banks, and the farmers rely on the flooding to build fertile lands.

However, the extent of this year’s flooding is very unusual, and the overflow of water has started affecting the pyramid site now.

Authorities say that the situation is currently under control, but if the Nile’s water level continues to rise, then the incumbent measures taken may not be sufficient. The alteration in climate patterns has resulted in atypical floods and bush fires in the country.

Mr. Maillot said that the floods had never affected the site before. The UN-designated World Heritage Site at al-Bajrawiya, which was once ethnic to the ancient kingdom of Kush, is just 500 meters from the Nile. The site is home to ancient relics, pyramids, temples, palaces, and cemeteries, which testify the wealth of the Kushite state.

However, history is under threat of extinction since the Nile is posing an impending danger of obliteration and submergence. The damage caused by the floods across the country has led the government to declare a three-day emergency on Friday.

More than 50,000 people have been impinged upon by the floods. Authorities have recorded that out of 18 states, 17 of them are in looming danger. The 99 deaths accounted during the last week resulted from drowning, mudslides, and structural collapses. Residents in the capital, Khartoum, have been increasingly trying to protect their houses from floodwaters.



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